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The Worst U.S. Cities for Mosquitoes – Did Yours Make The List?

Source: Getty Images

Mosquitoes – they’re the irritating little blood-sucking creatures that leave our skin itchy and inflamed from their bite. These nasty little critters can make summer evenings miserable, but worst of all mosquitoes can transmit diseases such as West Nile Virus and, globally, malaria – leading the World Health Organization to name the insect the world’s deadliest animal.

Each year Terminix compile a list of the worst cities in America for mosquitoes, which identifies areas where residents need the highest number of mosquito services.

Los Angeles, California took the top honor this year for worst city in the U.S., closely followed by Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas in second place, and Houston, Texas in third.

Did your city make the list? Here’s the top twenty worst cities, according to Terminix:

1.Los Angeles, CA
2.Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
3.Houston, TX
4.New York, NY
5.Washington, D.C.
6.Atlanta, GA
7.Philadelphia, PA
8.Memphis, TN
9.Baltimore, MD
10.Chicago, IL
11.Miami, FL
12.San Francisco
13.Boston, MA
14.Orlando, FL
15.Nashville, TN
16.Tampa, FL
17.San Antonio, TX
18.Phoenix, AZ
19.Austin, TX
20.Oklahoma City, OK


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