Taylor Swift Reveals She ‘Sleep Eats’



Source: Getty Images
In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Queen of Pop – Taylor Swift – shared details of a sleep condition she suffers from, likening herself to a “Racoon.”
Swift sat down with DeGeneres on the Ellen show and opened up about her strange condition, revealing she suffers from sleep eating. “I go downstairs and rummage through the kitchen and eat whatever I can find,” Swift explained.
“It’s really less like a human being and more like a raccoon in the dumpster,” the 29-year-old told Ellen. “The next morning we walk downstairs and we’re like, ‘what happened here?’ and I don’t remember!”
According to WebMD, 1 in 100 people can suffer from the condition, with sleep eating affected women more than men. Not surprisingly sleep eating can lead to weight gain if it happens often enough.