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Bleeding Gums? Why Your Menstrual Cycle May Be to Blame

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Do you experience bleeding gums right before your period? If so, you’re not alone and you can thank menstrual gingivitis for the pesky problem.

According to celebrity dentist Karen Fields-Lever DDS, experiencing bleeding gums before your period is very common.

“A day or two before a woman’s period begins, changing hormone levels cause an increase in blood flow to the gums,” Fields-Lever told Health magazine. “As a result, your gums may look bright red and swollen at this time of the month.”

Because of this, your gums are more likely to bleed when you flush and brush, but Fields-Lever told Health this shouldn’t stop you from continuing to brush and flush – just be extra gentle.

“If the bleeding goes away in a few days, you can chalk it up to your cycle,” Fields-Lever shared with Health. “But if it continues – or if you don’t stop bleeding after a few minutes – see your dentist.”


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