Ellie Goulding Dons Cover of Shape Magazine



Source: Shape
Ellie Goulding shows off some killer abs on the December cover of Shape magazine. The singer displays her toned bod inside the magazine and shares her secrets to staying slim and trim.
The 28-year-old opened up to the magazine, revealing her passion for exercise. Goulding is a brand ambassador for Nike, even designing a customized workout for the Nike+ Training Club app. Source: Shape
She claimed, “My goal always is to get stronger. I want to be strong and ready for anything.”
The former smoker revealed she doesn’t always stick to a strict regimen, instead indulging in a vice or two such as a cocktail and the occasional bag of chips.
Her workouts include running and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) when she’s on the road.
She told the mag, she focuses on getting stronger not getting skinnier stating, “If getting stronger means getting more toned and slimmer, so be it, as long as strength comes with it. I’m happy with my figure. I’ve never intended or tried to be skinny. It’s my not thing.”