De-Puff Those Tired Eyes With These Top Tips



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If all the hustle and bustle of the holiday’s – parties, alcohol, shopping and cooking – have left your eyes looking a little lackluster and tired, try these top tips to help reduce puffiness and put some sparkle back in those tired baby blues.
Drink Water Source: iStock
Keeping hydrated will help reduce puffiness, which is caused by dehydration – especially if you have been at a few too many holiday parties.
Cold Cucumber Slices Source: Pinterest
Applying cold cucumber slices on closed eyes will help soothe the skin and reduce irritation and puffiness. Leave on for a full 3 minutes, replacing with cold slices, for the best effect.
Frozen Spoon Source: Wikihow
For a quick fix take a frozen spoon and apply for 30 seconds under the eye. Repeat 5 times for each eye. Frozen veg, or ice will also work.
Eye Cream Source: Getty Images
A good eye cream will help moisturize and firm up the delicate eye area. Better still, keep your eye cream in the fridge so it’s cold. Let it sink into the skin for a good 10 minutes before applying make-up. Make-up artists also suggest mixing a bit of your eye cream in with your foundation and applying it under the eye. Mascara as normal, but skip the eye-liner – particularly dark eye-liner, which will accentuate any under-eye bags.
Make Eyes Look Bigger Source: iStock
Employ the power of make-up to make the eyes appear larger. First off is a good concealer to disguise darkness under the eyes. Next use a light shadow on the brow bone and lower lid, with a medium shadow in the crease. Finish with a winged eyeliner on top lid only and a good mascara. If make-up application leaves you with raccoon eyes head over to YouTube. With a plethora of makeup video how-to’s, you’ll be rocking that bright-eyed look in no time.