Shop the Baby Aisle for this Beauty Must-Have



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It’s the baby item parents swear by for keeping their newborn’s skin soft and moisturized, yet you don’t have to be a baby to reap the benefits of this must-have beauty item. Source: Johnson & Johnson
From keeping skin moisturized to keeping hair looking fabulous Johnson’s Baby Oil may be one of the best-kept beauty secrets. Here are some tips on how to use this versatile product:
For Skin

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Pour on a cotton ball to remove even long-wear mascara and eye makeup. Source: YouTube
-Mix into your favorite self-tanner to give skin a shimmery glow. -Massage into cuticles for healthy nails. -Use as a lip gloss. -Dab onto the high points of your face to create a natural highlight. -After showering use on damp skin to retain moisture. Source: Shutterstock
-Before bed smooth onto dry, cracked heels and place feet in socks – feet will be smooth and moisturized in the morning. -After shaving apply to skin to help sooth any irritation – especially good for freshly shaved bikini lines. -Apply to delicate eye area before bed. -Apply to skin during long-haul flights to prevent skin dryness. -Taking a bath? Add a small amount along with your regular bubble bath. Source: Shutterstock
For Hair For a once a week deep conditioner run a small amount through hair after shampooing and place hair in a shower cap – leave on for 15 minutes then rinse hair with cold water. Massage into scalp for dry scalp issues. Mix in with your favorite styling products to add softness and shine. During humid months smooth onto ends to prevent frizz. Use a small amount on dry hair to define curls and add softness. Apply to wet hair before swimming in a chlorinated pool. Kids have chewing gum in their hair? Rub baby oil on the chewing gum to remove.