Amazon Planning Huge Summer Sale!



Source: Amazon
With Amazon’s annual – and much anticipated – Prime Day likely postponed until September, the eCommerce giant has reportedly set a date for a “Fashion Summer Sale Event” in a bid to jump-start sales.
According to CNBC, Amazon sent a notice to brands to inform them of an upcoming “Fashion Summer Sale Event” set for June 22. CNBC reveals participation in the event will be by invitation only and the sale will likely last anywhere from seven to ten days.
“We are having the Biggest Summer Sale event to drive excitement and jump-start sales,” a notice to sellers obtained by CNBC reads. “To drive customer engagement, we are asking for your participation.”
While the retail giant has yet to settle on a formal name for the sale, CNBC reports the event has been giving the working name “Biggest Sale in the Sky” and has asked brands to submit deals for items with a discount of at least 30 percent.