Top Decor Trends for Summer 2018



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Not only do our wardrobes get an overhaul for the hot and humid summer months, our homes can too. Summer is a great time to lighten up our home decor with fun colors, whimsical upcycled decor and bold statement rugs. Here are a few of our favorite home decor trends for summer 2018.
Botanical Prints
Summer is all about enjoying the great outdoors, so it’s only natural we want to bring some of the outside in and botanical prints are a great way to do this. You can choose to adorn your walls with large, tropical palm frond prints, or embrace the current trend of displaying old-school style botanical prints that were originally used to identify plant species.
Statement Rugs
Available in a variety of different hues and materials, the summer trend of rugs involves lots of large color blocking and bold patterns. Nature also plays a role for summer rug trends with bold depictions of butterflies, plants and birds. Unsure whether your home can pull off an oversized statement rug? Start small with a larger doormat, runner or patio rug.
Upcycled Decor
Why shop new when you can simply upcycle regular objects into quirky home decor. Old suitcases can be stacked and used as a side table, paint and hang distressed boat oars for a beachy feel, or repurpose a vintage ladder as a towel, or blanket hanger propped up against the wall.
Bold, Colorful Quilts
Summer is a perfect time to kick off those heavy comforter and duvets and replace with lighter quilts. Steer clear of grandma’s quilt look and opt for bold, colorful bed pieces to give a modern edge to a well-loved staple.
Rattan and Wicker

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Textures play an important role in home decor trends for summer 2018. Rattan and Wicker furniture pieces embody the casual, airy feel of summer and also give a nod to the tropics. Try adding pillows featuring bold, tropical prints to a wicker chair to bring an island feel to your summer home!