Dream Job Alert! Get Paid in Pizza!



Source: Getty Images

The Slice app is looking for 50 lucky pizza fans to represent their respective state as Resident Head of Pizza – a title that pays in pizza!

Slice’s P.I.E society, which stands for Promote Independents Everywhere, is seeking 50 state representatives to join their society by eating free pizza on a weekly basis and telling stories about the pizza joints they have visited.

According to Slice, the job is perfect for someone who not only loves pizza but is “passionate about small business” and especially independent pizzerias.

Independent pizzerias are the heart of every community and who better to evangelize the best local pizzerias than the locals themselves,” Slice’s Chief Business Officer, PJ Oleksak, said in a press release. “Slice has over 16,000 pizzerias in our network spanning across all 50 states — and now, we’re looking for the eaters who are as obsessed with pizza as we are to taste the pies and tell the stories of the most delicious independents pizzerias on the map.”

If picked, the lucky Resident Head’s of Pizza will receive a year’s supply of free pizza, a content creation kit to document their pizza journey, $500 towards travel expenses, special Slice gear to showcase their love of pizza, and exclusive deals for not only themselves but also their community.

The contest is open to all Slice app users aged 21 or older. Responsibilities include ordering/or visiting new pizza shops every week, eating pizza, and capturing content that shares the unique story behind each pizza.

The contest runs from June 24 through July 30, with the lucky winners announced on August 13.