Even the Worst Cooks Can Bake a Thanksgiving Pie With This Costco Hack



Source: Clara’s Kitchen

Lacking skills in the kitchen need not prevent you from whipping up a delicious pie this Thanksgiving, with Costco now selling Pumpkin Pie filling in a jar!

According to Delish, even the laziest of bakers can have their home smelling like autumnal bliss thanks to ‘Clara’s Kitchen Pumpkin Pie In A Jar’ available now at the wholesale retailer.

“You bake it!” Clara’s Kitchen promises on the package. “Just add eggs and a crust.”

With some really delicious store-bought pre-packaged crusts available at grocery stores that sounds like something most of us could handle!

According to Delish, the heavenly-sounding jar concoction is retailing at Costco for $6.79 for two jars.