Oreo Teams Up with Barefoot Wines for Indulgent Collab



Source: BarefootWinexOreo

Fed up of dunking your Oreo in a glass of milk? Oreo has teamed up with Barefoot Wines to give adults something a little more potent to accompany their favorite cookie.

Oreo Thins and Barefoot Wine announced this week they have teamed up to create a small-batch release red wine with hints of chocolate.

Barefoot x Oreo Thins Red Blend Wine features “flavors of chocolate and cookies and creme along with notes of oak” and is meant to be the perfect indulgent accompaniment to an Oreo Thin cookie.

“Everyone knows that red wine pairs well with chocolate, but OREO THINS and America’s most loved wine, Barefoot Wine, are collaborating to take this classic combination to a whole new delicious level,” Sydney Kranzmann, Oreo Thins brand manager, shared in a statement reported by USA Today.

According to USA Today, the red wine will be available for purchase this week at and each delivery order will feature two bottles of 750mL wine and a package of Oreo Thins.