Ayesha Curry Shares Weight Loss Secrets



Source: AP
There’s no doubt Ayesha Curry is a fan of food. As a cookbook author, restaurant owner, and cooking television personality, Ayesha’s life revolves around food, so when it comes to losing weight Ayesha credits finding a healthy balance with helping her shed the pounds.
Ayesha, who is married to NBA star Stephen Curry, opened up to Women’s Health about her recent 35-pound weight loss, sharing with readers the tips that helped her get – and most importantly stay – in shape.
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“These past two years, since I turned 30, I’ve started to consider how food can really make a difference in the way that I feel and look,” she told Women’s Health. “My career is in food and I’m a firm believer in eating what you love. I’m not a dieter. For me, it was really about learning how to exercise portion control and living that 80/20 life.”
When it comes to fueling her body, Ayesha told Women’s Health she always starts her morning off with a glass of hot water with lemon, followed by her version of a bulletproof coffee with “a little bit of ghee and a little bit of MCT oil.”
Before lunch, Ayesha fits in some exercise while her children nap, telling Women’s Health, “I have to keep my workouts exciting and fresh. Sometimes it’s biking or high-intensity interval training, others it’s a jump rope workout or a workout on the Fitbit app.”
For lunch, Ayesha keeps things simple by whipping up a salad with protein, sharing salmon is a huge favorite of hers.
When it comes time for dinner, Ayesha reveals she loves to load her plate up with a ton of veggies, telling Women’s Health sheet-pan dinners and stir-fries are an easy go-to meal for a busy mom.
“Dinnertime creeps up so fast, so I often turn to the sheet pan dinner,” she says. “I just throw everything on the sheet pan and pop it in a high-temp oven.”
The culinary star loves to indulge in her favorite treats and told Women’s Health she chooses one day each weekend to whip up a full-on feast.
“I always have a day a week where I’m in the kitchen and just preparing something new and fun and indulgent,” she says. “It really works for me; I always have that day to look forward to. It’s the best day ever every single week.”
In addition to eating a healthy diet, Ayesha also told readers she loves her Fitbit Versa 2 with helping her stay in shape, revealing, “My Fitbit truly helped me figure out my health and wellness and navigate this journey.”