Enormous Cow Saved From Slaughterhouse



Source: ABC News
An extraordinarily large cow named ‘Knickers’ has been saved from the slaughterhouse thanks to his size. Knickers, who has now gone viral across the globe, weights in at more than 3,000 pounds and stands 6 feet 4 inches tall and currently resides at the Lake Preston cattle farm in Myalup, Australia.
Knickers’ owner, Geoff Pearson, told the BBC, “He was always a standout steer from the others, a bit bigger than the rest.” “He was too big to go into the export plant’s chain,” Pearson told ABC News of Knickers’ fortunate escape from the abattoir. “We have a high turnover of cattle and he was lucky enough to stay behind.”
Surprisingly Knickers, who will now stay on the feedlot and is reportedly quite popular with the other cows, isn’t the biggest bovine in Guinness World Record history. That award goes to a chianina ox named Bellino who stood more than 6 feet 7 inches tall when he was measured in 2010 in Italy.