What’s the Best Hot Dog Brand in America?



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With summer in full swing it can only mean one thing – hot dogs sizzling on the grill! But with so many options out there, which brand comes out on top?
Fortunately Taste of Home gathered a hungry panel of hot dog aficionados together to participate in a blind taste test that comprised of six popular brands of store-bought hot dogs.
According to Reader’s Digest, the Taste of Home taste-testers found the best hot dog brand to be Nathan’s Famous Skinless Beef Franks. The panel unanimously found Nathan’s well-seasoned dogs to be not only delicious but they loved the gentle snap each dog had when biting into it.
Hebrew National Beef Franks came in second place, with the panel loving the unique flavor of the dogs, thanks to ingredients including paprika and garlic powder. They also loved how substantial Hebrew’s hot dogs were – perfect for standing up to a load of delicious toppings!
Walmart’s own Great Value Uncured Beef Franks received an honorable mention, with Reader’s Digest revealing the Taste of Home panelists deemed the brand as a great “standard” hot dog choice – and at just $2.47 for an eight-pack, Great Value Uncured Beef Franks make a great BBQ edition for those on a budget, or with a hungry crowd to feed.