Starbucks Releases Halloween Themed Frappuccinos – But There’s a Catch



Source: Starbucks Japan

Starbucks are releasing a range of Halloween Frappuccinos in order to celebrate everything spooky, but unfortunately there is a devastating catch for American consumers looking to sink their fangs into a witchy brew.

As of now the limited collection is only available in Japan and even more upsetting is the fact the collection includes matching donuts.

If Japan is on your travel agenda be prepared to enjoy the Halloween Witch Frappuccino, or the Halloween Princess Frappuccino. According to Teen Vogue, the Witch Frappuccino comes with a red apple compote on the bottom, milk and caramel cookie crumbs in the middle, and chocolate sauce on top of the milk. The Princess version is a pale pink delicacy comprised of apple compote mixed with white mocha and milk and topped with whipped cream adorned with edible pearls.