These Are The Cities With Falling Home Prices



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It’s a tough real estate market for those looking to get a foot on the property ladder, but home prices have begun falling in some areas.
According to, rising mortgage rates and inflation have begun to have an effect on house prices in some US metropolitan areas – and, while prices are still higher than they have been, some home prices are falling. took a look at the year-over-year median list prices of the 100 largest US metropolitan areas in March to compile a list of the places home prices are falling the most. reports that to “ensure geographic diversity, we limited our list to just one metro per state.”
According to, here are the top ten cities where home prices are down the most:
1. Toledo, Ohio 2. Rochester, New York 3. Detroit, Michigan 4. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 5. Springfield, Massachusetts 6. Tulsa, Oklahoma 7. Los Angeles, California 8. Memphis, Tennessee 9. Chicago, Illinois 10. Richmond, Virginia