Telltale Signs Your Boyfriend is Cheating On You



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Ever hear the phrase, trust your gut? If you’re having trouble listing to the voices in your head telling you something isn’t right, look out for these signs that your boyfriend might be cheating on you.

Cell Phone Shielding
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If your boyfriend guards his phone like a hawk, takes it with him everywhere he goes, even inside the house, and is constantly checking it, you may in trouble.

Commitment Phobia
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If making future plans is a struggle, including an upcoming Saturday date night, other issues may be lurking.

Avoids Meeting Family
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Do you find that your man has an excuse to bail every time family events come up? There may be an underlying issue why he avoids meeting family members.

Manipulates Conversation
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Ever feel like the tables have been turned on you when bringing up areas of concern? If you bring up issues you are having in a calm, respectful way, but it only results in you being called “crazy” and “insane,” it may be time to move on.