Drake Hospital Patient Undergoes Successful Heart Transplant Surgery



Source: Reuters
She was the little girl who stole America’s heart – and Drake’s – after her take on the popular “Kiki Challenge” went viral, which led the rapper to pay a visit to the hospital room where she waited for a new heart.
Now 11-year-old Sofia Sanchez is feeling so much better after undergoing a successful heart transplant, just one month after Drake paid her a surprise visit.
Sanchez, who suffered from cardiomyopathy, told Good Morning America of Drake’s visit, “I froze. I was like, is this a dream, or is this not a dream? I was like, oh my God.”
After undergoing a nine-hour operation, Sofia is out of the hospital and back at home recovering. She also has a special message she wants to tell everyone.
“It’s important for everyone to donate their good organs to other people, to give them a second chance at life,” Sofia told GMA. “Because even though a tragedy happens, something good comes out of it.”