No Time to Workout? Try Hilaria Baldwin’s One-Minute Ab Workout



Source: Getty Images

If finding time to workout is hard to do, Hilaria Baldwin has the perfect one-minute ab routine anyone can squeeze into a busy schedule.

The gorgeous mom, who has four children with husband Alec Baldwin, keeps her figure svelte and toned thanks in part to her love of yoga, but when life gets hectic she fits in exercise whenever and wherever possible and that can mean just one-minute at a time.

Speaking on NBC’s Today show’s “One Small Thing” series, Hilaria shared her one-minute ab routine, revealing, “The thing that you should do every single day, if you can manage, is a little bit of an ab workout.”

“This is going to engage your rectus abdominus, your six-pack,” Hilaria said of her quick but powerful routine. “I promise you it is there.”

According to “One Small Thing” to accomplish Hilaria’s routine you must first lay on your back with your knees up, as if going to do a sit-up and raise your upper back off the floor.

Next, with your arms by your side, take turns stretching each arm toward your toes, alternating between your left and right arms to work out your obliques. Hilaria says to do this 20 times.

Hilaria then says to return to the starting position and do 10 sit ups with your hands on your head, making sure to keep your chin up.

Finally, Hilaria recommends winding down by pressing your feet together into a butterfly position and taking a few deep breaths.