Rebel Wilson Reveals She’s Taking a Break From Social Media



Source: Getty Images
After documenting her astonishing weight loss journey on social media through her year of health last year, Rebel Wilson has revealed she will temporarily step away from Twitter and Instagram in order to focus on work.
The Australian actress shared the news in an Instagram video, telling fans she’s preparing for a role she has to fully “immerse myself in.”
“I’m going to sign off for a bit because I’m filming a movie here in the U.K. that needs my full attention,” the 41-year-old told fans. “It’s a very different type of role for me, so I’ve really gotta immerse myself in it.”
However, Wilson assured fans the break would only be temporary, saying, “it’s time for me to work my [expletive] off, once again!”
“I’m sure I’ll be back posting hot selfies in no time,” Wilson laughed.