Barbie Movie Loses Amy Schumer

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Source: Getty Images

Sony’s live-action Barbie movie has lost one cast member – Amy Schumer.

The comedienne/actress has had to forego her role in the film due to scheduling conflicts.

In a statement released to Variety Schumer expressed her sadness at having to give up the role, saying, “Sadly, I’m no longer able to commit to Barbie due to scheduling conflicts. The film has so much promise, and Sony and Mattel have been great partners. I’m bummed, but look forward to seeing Barbie on the big screen.”

Production of Barbie, in which the main character gets kicked out of Barbie-Land for not being perfect enough, was due to start filming in June. Unfortunately Schumer is booked to participate in a lengthy promotional tour for her new Fox comedy, Snatched. As Mattel already had Barbie movie promotional items in production they decided to stick with their production date.

A spokesperson for Sony released a statement saying, “We respect and support Amy’s decision. We look forward to bringing Barbie to the world and sharing updates on casting and filmmakers soon.”