Want Lindsey Vonn’s Killer Abs? Follow These Three Exercises



Source: Pacific Coast News
Not only is Lindsey Vonn one of the top Olympic skiers in the world, she also has a killer set of abs.
Lindsey’s personal trainer, who has been getting the Olympian ready for the Winter Olympics, opened up to Health magazine to talk all things Lindsey, including the three ab exercises the 33-year-old implements every day to keep her core strong.

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“Core training is important because all movements originate from the core and moves out to the extremities,” Lindsey’s trainer Alex Bunt told Health. “So having a strong core that not only functions well but looks well as a benefit is super important.”
Alex told Health Lindsey focuses on the following three exercises to achieve her enviable abs.
To perform a V-up Alex told Health you lie face up on the floor with arms outstretched overhead and legs kept straight, then “with control simultaneously lift torso and legs so that the body forms the letter ‘V’.” Lower back to the ground and repeat.
Hip Ups
“Lie faceup with hands on either side of hips; palms face down,” Alex told Health. “Extend the legs straight up. Pressing into hands with core tight, raise hips. Slowly lower back to start and repeat.”
Leg Lowers
For this exercise Alex says you must lie face up with legs straight above the hips and arms on either side of the hips with palms facing down. Tighten your abs and press your lower back down as you slowly lower your legs. Raise the legs back up to start and repeat.
Alex told Health these exercises are created to achieve a six-pack, recommended you perform each exercise to exhaustion before moving on to the next.