Heading to a Buffet? Experts Recommend Avoiding These Things



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If you’re planning on heading to a buffet to feast on the smorgasbord of various delicacies on offer, experts say you shouldn’t just dive in headfirst and eat everything on display.
According to Insider, food safety experts say buffets can be a potential hotbed of germs and bacteria, which could cause foodborne illnesses.
According to Insider, your trip to the buffet should firstly include a lap around the food bar. Take note of the set-up; how clean does everything look? Does each dish have its own serving utensil? Are the staff present and attentive? Are they taking new food and dumping it on top of old food? According to Insider, those sorts of practices can contaminate the food and make people sick.
Next, experts reveal to Insider you should avoid wilted lettuce, or other food items that look as though they have been hanging around too long.
Insider reveals foods that have not been kept at the proper temperature should be avoided. For example, items such as peel-and-eat shrimp should be kept on ice. Likewise, food that is meant to be eaten hot should be served hot – not lukewarm, an open invitation for harmful bacteria to breed.
Experts suggest ditching the raw foods at buffets. Raw seafood can harbor harmful bacteria, so play it safe and stick to cooked seafood. Save the sushi and raw tuna for those times when you visit a restaurant specializing in those types of food.