Nigella Lawson’s Secret for Perfect Deviled Eggs



Source: BBC
Have you ever wondered how to make perfectly symmetrical deviled eggs?
With Easter just around the corner, celebrity chef Nigella Lawson is sharing her secret for a perfect deviled egg that is sure to be the star of any brunch party.
According to TODAY, Lawson’s secret is super simple. In order to keep the yolks perfectly centered she leaves the eggs lying on their sides in a dish overnight before cooking them.
“After packaging, the yolk generally settles at the bottom, large part of the eggs, so our fav tip, like Nigella, is to place the entire carton in the fridge on its side to allow the yolks to slowly shift overnight to the middle of the egg,” Elisa Marshall, owner of Maman in NYC, told TODAY. “You can use two jars to prop these up or place at the side of the fridge. Another great option, in the carton itself, is to turn each of the eggs on their side horizontal as opposed to standing upright.”