Good Humor And Knorr Transform Ice Cream Truck Into Soup Truck For National Soup Day



Good Humor And Knorr
Good Humor on Wednesday announced it is transforming a New York City ice cream truck into a Soup Truck in time for National Soup Day after a viral social media post demanded soup trucks during the winter.
The ice cream brand teamed up with Knorr to turn a New York City-based ice cream truck into a Soup Truck, which will serve up free soup for one day only in support of the Good Humor Neighborhood Joy program, which supports ice cream mobile vendors year-round.
Ice cream trucks are great but in the winter we need a SOUP TRUCK. do they even understand how much money I’d spend if there was a truck rolling through my neighborhood every day doling out piping hot soup, X user @jzux posted last month on the social media platform formerly known as Twitter.
Along with millions of others, Good Humor heard the call. The Good Humor Soup Truck, powered by Knorr, is a souped-up version of the Maria The Ice Cream Girl’s rig.
We have been committed to helping Good Humor ice cream truck drivers sustain their businesses year-round and what better way to do this than by transforming one of these iconic trucks into a new, beloved beacon of wintertime — the Soup Truck, Bentley King, U.S. Head of Ice Cream Operations at Unilever, said in a statement. Walking up to an ice cream truck sparks inherent joy throughout the summer months and now we’re able to give our fans something they asked for in the cold of winter while continuing to support our beloved drivers.
Good Humor hopes the truck will spotlight the company’s efforts to support ice cream vendors during the off-season. The company says two-thirds of Americans associate ice cream trucks with summertime, and the thousands of trucks that bring tasty treats to neighborhoods nationwide vanish in the winter, leaving drivers looking for other opportunities.
Good Humor launched the Neighborhood Joy Grant Program, which will award grants to 16 mobile vendors and name a grand prize winner Joy Driver of the Year.
The Soup Truck will serve complimentary cups of classic Knorr recipes including Chicken Ramen Noodle Soup and Easy 2 Bean Veggie Chili.
We are proud to partner with Good Humor to bring New Yorkers an array of flavors and delicious soup to comfort the community during the cold New York winter, said Gina Kiroff, Chief Marketing Officer, Scratch Cooking, North America. It’s about delighting consumers who love the joy of food, soup, and making the good stuff irresistible.
The Soup Truck will be stationed at Union Square, on Broadway between E 17th and E 18th Streets, in New York City on Friday, Feb. 2 beginning at 11:00 a.m. ET for one day only, while supplies last.
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