Heinz Arabia Launches ‘Ketchup Insurance’ To Cover 57 Common Ketchup Mishaps



Kraft Heinz Company
The Kraft Heinz Company on Friday announced the launch of the world’s first ketchup insurance policy, after being inspired by social media posts showing ketchup-related accidents.
Heinz Arabia partnered with MyBenefits, the Middle East’s leading employee benefits app, to provide an insurance and benefits package covering 57 types of ketchup accidents, a play on the famous 57 Varieties of condiments once offered by Heinz when the slogan was created in 1896.
The 57 humorous ketchup claims include Claim #7 Mid-air Despair, when a claimant sacrifices a sweater to enhance mediocre airplane food, and Claim #24 Young Picasso, in which the claimant’s young offspring use the ketchup for artistic purposes, resulting in a messy masterpiece.
Heinz fans in the UAE will be able to redeem their insurance benefits in the form of rewards including home cleaning services, laundry assistance, handyman services, and spa treatments.
Here at Heinz, we know our fans’ love for our ketchup can sometimes be, well, a bit over the top. Our research tells us that 48% of them have ketchup accidents all the time, but 91% swear their love for Heinz makes it totally worth it. That’s why we’re rolling out ketchup insurance – to turn messy moments into pure joy and convenience for our die-hard fans, letting them enjoy their ketchup incidents worry-free, Passant El Ghannam, Head of Marketing at Kraft Heinz MEA said in a statement.
Consumers in the UAE who experience a ketchup mishap matching one of the 57 allowable claims can apply via Heinz Arabia’s website, or on social media using the hashtag #HeinzKetchupInsurance. Those submitting a claim must do so within 57 hours of the incident.
TMX contributed to this article.