Game Show ‘SignTasTic!’ Has Hearing Contestants Learn ASL With Deaf Host And Entertainers



A new game show has hearing contestants test their ability to pick up American Sign Language through a series of games with Deaf entertainers, for a chance to win a $5,000 grand prize.
The groundbreaking game show SignTasTic! from Silent Visual Media was produced in 2022, but premiered this month on VSYN+, the world’s first streaming platform for Sign Language content.
The first-of-its-kind game show aims to bridge the gap between Deaf and hearing communities, with both hearing contestants and hearing audiences at home. Contestants are given 50 ASL signs to learn 24 hours before the show, and they have to use what they learned to complete challenges including trivia, gesture games and more. The more signs they can recall, the more money they make.
Before each show, audiences at home can scan a unique QR code to receive the same list of signs to learn so they can play along.
America’s first Deaf TV game show host Dan Cook leads SignTasTic! with the help of Deaf entertainers including Lisa McBee, Dack Virnig, and Roxie Dummett.
Seeing Deaf representation performing and hosting, along with interacting with their hearing peers, is the paradigm shift that Silent Visual Media hopes to pioneer, the company said in a statement. This type of inclusivity in the entertainment industry creates stronger bonds between Deaf and hearing audience members, as well as industry professionals, while creating excitement for and acceptance of Deaf culture.
SignTasTic! releases a new episode each Tuesday until May on VSYN+.
TMX contributed to this article.