Elephant Robotics Introduces AI-Enabled Robot Dog Companion metaDog



Elephant Robotics
Chinese company Elephant Robotics on Friday introduced metaDog, a lifelike robotic companion that can respond to touch and sound.
The metaDog is inspired by husky and Shiba Inu breeds, with soft fur, a wagging tail and a realistic appearance. Its AI-enabled dynamic movements mimic dog behavior, including panting, barking and howling, and its head and facial movements include blinking, squinting, and eye movements for added realism.
MetaDog responds to more than 30 voice commands with sounds, actions and animations, allowing users to engage in emotional exchanges like they would a living dog. It will also respond to a customized name chosen by the user.
The metaDog is designed for people who are looking for a companion, but who can’t have a real puppy for reasons including housing restrictions, allergies or age.
The metaDog has 12 hours of battery life, and uses a USB-C charger, eliminating the need for batteries.
TMX contributed to this article.