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The Clean Sleeping Trend and Why You Should Try It

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We’ve all heard of clean eating and now, thanks to actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle website Goop, clean sleeping is the new fad we can all actually benefit from.

In her book Goop Clean Beauty, Paltrow says clean sleeping plays a huge role in determining your appetite and energy levels and should actually be made a priority – even over exercise and diet.

“There’s no substitute for good sleep in terms of how well rested you’ll feel and look,” Gwyneth writes in her book. “That’s because sleep is a magical time for your body.”

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According to Goop, there are certain steps one should follow if they want to get on board with the clean sleeping concept.

Maintain a Constant Sleep Schedule – that means no burning the midnight oil on weekends and sleeping in late. Clean sleeping means going to bed at the same time each night and waking at the same time each morning even on days you don’t have to be up early.

Get at Least 8 Hours Sleep – sleep for at least 8 hours – although 9 to 10 hours is preferable.

Cut the Caffeine – no reaching for a cup of Joe or a coke after 2 p.m.

No Technology – clean sleeping requires you turn off all electronics at least an hour before bedtime. In a perfect world we should limit our exposure to blue light (that light emitted from screens, tv’s, phones etc) two-hours before bed.

No Late Night Snacks – Paltrow recommends letting the body fast for 12 hours. That also includes no alcohol before bed.

Prepare the Body for Bed – whether you snuggle down with a good book, luxuriate in a bubble bath, enjoy a massage, or do some pre-bed yoga poses, clean sleeping is all about banishing the stress and constant 24/7 social media of our lives and letting our bodies relax before bed. Indulging in something relaxing signals the body it’s ready to start winding down for the night.

Luxurious Bedding – while many of us can’t afford to splurge on the copper pillow Paltrow suggests, it is worthwhile to note nice, soft bedding and comfortable pillows can give us a better night’s sleep. It’s also important to keep the bedroom area clutter free and as tranquil as possible. If you do have money to spend on a copper-infused pillow, Gwyneth swears the copper oxide fibers help reduce wrinkles!


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