Mosquito-Repelling Plants You Need This Summer



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Are pesky mosquitos ruining your relaxing evenings on the patio? Don’t let those blood-sucking little insects drive you back indoors!
While bug spray, citronella candles and insect zappers can provide some relief, there are certain plants that also help to repel mosquitos – and best of all they’re easy to plant in containers, or flower beds to beautify any backyard area.
While we may love the smell of eucalyptus, mosquitoes don’t and the plant has been proven effective in warding off the offending little critter. Be aware that eucalyptus can grow to over 60ft, so make sure you plant them in an area where they have room to grow.
Basil & Mint
Planting pots of basil and mint on your back patio provides a two-pack punch. Not only do the herbs help repel mosquitos, but you will also have a ready supply of delicious basil and mint leaves to use in cooking – and cocktails!
Yes, your beloved cat may delight in the scent of catnip, but mosquitoes HATE it. Studies have shown that catnip may be up to ten times more effective than sprays at keeping mosquitos at bay.
The beautiful purple lavender blooms are sure to pretty up even the drabbest of backyards and make your whole garden smell delightful. Lavender is also effective at deterring mosquitos, who hate the scent of lavender oil.
Not only does lemongrass repel mosquitos, but it also helps keep flies at bay. Lemongrass contains an oil named citral, which is used in a lot of bug sprays. Novice gardeners will appreciate the hardy lemongrass, which is notoriously hard to kill! Plant some lemongrass in big pots to create a dramatic patio barrier.