The Five Health Benefits of Eating Lemons



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Yes they may taste sour and have you puckering up, but the lowly lemon is packed full of health benefits, which may have you thinking twice about bypassing this powerful little fruit. Packed full of vitamin C and powerful antioxidants, lemons have many healing effects on the body – including these five!
Keep That Youthful Glow
There’s a reason so many Instagrammers love to share photos of themselves chugging down a warm glass of water with loads of lemon – lemons help keep you looking young! Chocked full of vitamin C, one lemon actually contains approximately half the recommended daily dose of this powerful vitamin known to ease skin dryness and combat wrinkles.
Fight Inflammation
Chronic inflammation can be a bad thing leading to a myriad of different medical issues, including mood swings, stomach issues and weight gain. Fortunately, thanks to the high levels of vitamin C in lemons, they can help fight inflammation. Vitamin C contains antioxidants proven to reduce inflammation.
Alleviate Cold Symptoms
We all know there is sadly no cure for the common cold, but various studies claim the levels of vitamin C in lemons can help fight a cold and relieve the symptoms. Lemon juice can also assist in relieving breathing and respiratory problems that go hand in hand with a cold and can also be helpful to those suffering an asthma attack. Thanks to antibacterial qualities found in lemons, drinking lemon juice also helps fight throat infections.
Help Control High Blood Pressure
In a study published in The Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, researchers found that those who ate half a lemon a day combined with walking 7,000 steps helped keep their blood pressure under control. Lemons are known to lower your triglycerides and cholesterol and is beneficial for those suffering from hypertension.
Restore the Body’s pH
You would think lemons would have an acidic effect on the body, but once consumed they are alkaline, helping to restore the body’s pH levels. The citric acid does not created acidity in the body once metabolized. Start the day off with a warm glass of water with a squeeze of lemon to help balance your body’s pH.