Best Foods for a Better Night’s Sleep



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Find yourself going for an extra trip to the coffee machine everyday because you just can’t get enough sleep? Whether your issue is falling asleep or staying asleep, you can improve your sleep patterns by incorporating some of these foods to your diet.

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Add poultry items such as shrimp and tuna to your diet to obtain a better night’s sleep. These items, specifically halibut, are loaded with tryptophan, a natural sedative.

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Bananas are rich in potassium and magnesium, which aid in muscle relaxation helping your body de-stress.

Chamomile Tea
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Sip on some Chamomile tea before bedtime to catch some Zzz’s. Herbs found in chamomile and lemon balm have been used as a holistic remedy for insomnia for centuries.

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Opt for handful of almonds versus potato chips when you’re craving a snack. Not only is it the healthier option, it contains benefits that help you get better night’s rest. Almonds are packed full of magnesium, which contributes to increased sleep quality.

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You’ve heard it for years, “Drink a warm glass of milk before bedtime to help you sleep.” Turns out it’s not an old wives tale, there is science behind it. Milk contains calcium, a melatonin-boosting nutrient, that will help you get your snooze on.