The One Recipe Ina Garten Cannot Master



Source: Food Network
She’s the queen of all things delicious, but even Ina Garten has that one recipe she just can’t seem to get quite right.
In an interview with Huffington Post, Ina revealed the one dish that hasn’t made it into her cookbooks – yet.
“There’s one that I’ve been working on for six years and it hasn’t made it into a book yet: Boston cream pie. It’s a really traditional recipe, but I want to give it more flavor,” Ina told Huffington Post of her experimentation with the notoriously tricky dessert. “Getting the balance of the texture of the cake with the flavor of the cake with the pastry cream in the middle and then getting the chocolate right – sometimes one flavor overpowers another. Sometimes the cake is too dense. Or the filling might run out.”
“There are so many different things that have to go right for it to be good, and I’m close but I’m not there yet,” Ina revealed. “Maybe for the next book? I tried to do it for this book, but I couldn’t get it just right.”
Ina is currently on the road promoting her newest cookbook Cook Like a Pro, which hits bookshelves today!