Pepsi Unveiling New Drink to Help Customers Relax



Source: Pepsico
Pepsi is set to roll out a new drink that aims to help customers destress and relax.
According to Shape, the new beverage is dubbed “Driftwell” and will be the complete opposite of the fizzy, caffeinated beverage Pepsi is famous for.
Shape reports Driftwell will be a noncaffeinated “enhanced water beverage” containing “L-theanine, a natural supplement touted for helping with stress and anxiety.” Driftwell will also contain magnesium, a mineral believed to help reduce anxiety and promote sleep.
“I think we’re launching this at a time when there’s more consumer interest than there previously was, given everything that’s going on from a macro perspective,” Pepsi’s Emily Silver said in a statement reported by CNBC. “From a scientific and regulatory perspective, we feel really good about making that claim around L-theanine. Specifically, we have safety in clinical data to prove that it works.”
Driftwell will be available in blackberry lavender flavor and will be available online in December. The drink, which will be sold in 12-packs, should hit store shelves in early 2021.