A Spicy Black Bean Burger Could Be Coming to a Wendy’s Near You!



Source: Wendy’s
Following the ever-increasing trend of vegetarian options, Wendy’s is going old-school and testing out a black bean burger.
Opting to forego the current meat-mimicking plant-based options, Wendy’s is instead testing out a long-time staple of the vegetarian community, announcing plans to try out a Spicy Black Bean Burger in three test markets. Select Wendy’s locations in Columbus, Jacksonville and Pittsburgh will have access to the new delicacy with Food&Wine reporting the menu option is being billed as a “tastier alternative to what everyone else has been trying.”
“Certain plant-based creations have spawned a bland reputation for the category — looking at you McImpossible — but luckily, Wendy’s has spice in her DNA,” Food&Wine report Wendy’s as saying in a statement. “Bursting with a medley of flavor in every bite, this new sandwich features a signature black bean patty crafted with a blend of spices like paprika and chipotle pepper, crunchy chipotle jalapenos, creamy, expertly melted pepper jack cheese, fresh tomatoes, sweet onion slices, crisp romaine and a smoky chipotle sauce all housed in a warm, premium toasted bun.”
The Spicy Black Bean Burger will be available for a limited time only in the three test markets and retails for $5.79.