The Great Cranberry Shortage – Why Your Thanksgiving Table May Look Different



Source: Getty Images
There’s no doubt about it, everywhere you look we are hearing about food shortages, rising gas pricing, and inflation set to increase the amount of money we’re spending on Thanksgiving this year. And to top it all off, cranberry sauce is getting hit hard!
Ocean Spray CEO Tom Hayes opened up about the price hike the company is being forced to pass onto consumers during an interview with FOX Business, revealing, “things are tight.”
“Like everybody else, our costs have gone up,” Hayes told FOX’s Maria Bartiromo. “There’s not an ingredient or a cost that hasn’t gone in the wrong direction this year.”
“Costs will be going up on cranberry and cranberry sauce,” Hayes added.
Hayes cited everything from supply chain issues – including a shortage of truck drivers – to the rising cost of aluminum used in the cranberry sauce cans.
Unfortunately for cranberry fans, crops in the Midwest are having a tough year with harvest expected to be below average.
News of Thanksgiving staple shortages has many running to the grocery stores early to stock up on their favorite foods, with Fortune reporting many grocers are already running low.
According to Select NBC, you may want to head to the grocery store earlier this year to stock up on your Thanksgiving non-perishable items. Be prepared to spend more this year due to higher prices – and you may have to visit multiple stores to get the items you want.