Forget Bitcoin, meet Bite-coin: Kosher brand offers crypto-inspired chocolate for Chanukah



Cryptocurrency’s rollercoaster year has made it a fixture of financial discussion. Now it is to be a fixture of Chanukah – in confectionary form.
The Jewish Festival of Lights begins at nightfall on December 18 this year and is followed by eight days and nights of traditional activities until December 26.
And while the rituals of lighting the menorah, spinning the dreidel, singing celebratory songs, exchanging gifts and enjoying Chanukah recipes will all remain, the beloved bag of chocolate coins have been given a digital economy makeover by Manischewitz.
Source: Manischewitz
The kosher foods company — part of the Kayco family of brands — announced their new CryptoGelt coins made with milk chocolate and wrapped in golden stamped foil with an iconic cryptocurrency design.
“Manischewitz has been the comfort food for the soul for over 133 years and it’s become part of many family’s cultures,” says Shani Seidman, CMO of Kayco Kosher Food Brands. “These new and popular products are the perfect, inclusive way for families to share experiences that last a lifetime. They also make for delicious desserts and great gifts!“
While CryptoGelt is sure to be the talk of every family gathering and dreidel game this season, it’s just a small part of the brand’s popular Chanukah line, featuring the Manischewitz Ugly Sweater Chanukah Sugar Cookie Kit; Ready to Decorate Pre-Baked Sugar Cookie Kit, Chanukah House Cookie Kit; and Donut Making Kit, along with timeless favorites like Manischewitz Gluten-Free Potato Pancake Mix, and Tuscanini Extra Virgin Olive Oil which are essential ingredients for a traditional Chanukah spread.
Source: Manischewitz
Also new this season is Tuscanini’s Italian Chestnuts from Campania, Italy. The certified kosher nuts can be enjoyed as a snack or used in sweet and savory dishes.
Kayco is once again supporting Masbia Soup Kitchen, a nonprofit soup kitchen network and food pantry, this holiday season. The food group will be donating a portion of its profits to the organization, which provides hot, nutritious meals for hundreds of New Yorkers in need of food. Alongside their hot-meal program, they also give out bags of much-needed groceries every week to those without enough at home, through their weekend take-home package program.

“While the holidays are plentiful and fun for most families, there are many who are not as fortunate,” said Talia Sabag, associate marketing manager of Kayco Kosher Food Brands. “For that reason, we are proud to continue our support of Masbia Food Kitchen and we hope others will join in that support.”
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