Ben & Jerry’s Releasing Dog-Friendly Desserts



Source: Ben & Jerry’s
Ben & Jerry’s understands the plight of dog owners across the country who suffer pangs of guilt at not being able to share their favorite ice cream with their four-legged friends, which is why they have developed a line of doggy desserts!
According to Delish, the two new offerings will be made with sunflower butter so they are perfectly safe for your pampered pooch to enjoy. Ben & Jerry’s Doggie Desserts currently offers two flavors in the line, sure to whet your pet’s ice cream cravings.
Delish reports the first flavor – Pontch’s Mix – features a delectable combination of peanut butter and pretzels.
Next up is Rosie’s Batch, a scrumptious sounding blend of pumpkin and mini cookies – Woof! Woof!
Ben & Jerry’s Doggie Desserts are typically priced at $1.29 or purchase a multi-pack for $4.49. According to Delish, the pet-friendly treats should hit stores nationwide soon.