Denise Austin Swears by the 80/20 Diet Rule



Source: Getty Images
When it comes to testing different diets over the years, celebrity fitness expert Denise Austin has tried everything from low-fat to keto – but there’s one diet rule she swears by.
According to Insider, after forty years in the fitness biz, Denise Austin has always gone back to the 80/20 diet rule, which means eating healthy, nutrient-dense foods 80 percent of the time and using the other 20 percent for treats you enjoy regardless of their nutritional factor.
“I love food and believe in enjoying yourself,” Austin shared with Insider. “I’ve learned so much more about how to eat well for healthy aging and it’s about feeling good too.”
Austin told Insider she tries to balance healthy sources of protein, fats, and carbs for most of her diet, prioritizing fruits and vegetables for their vitamins and micronutrients.
As for the other 20 percent, Austin told Insider she saves it for fun foods like dessert, or a margarita at the end of the day – and if you’re unsure of what constitutes 20 percent, Austin said a good frame of reference is one treat per day.