6 Simple Ways to Boost Your Libido



Source: SolStock/Getty Images
Add these everyday habits to your daily routine for a way to naturally boost your libido! Both men and women can be affected by decreased sex drive; follow these steps to gain back your sexual appetite!
1. Consume Certain Foods Source: Chris Craymer/Trunk Archive
Certain food items contain natural aphrodisiacs that can naturally boost your libido. Foods such as bananas, figs, oysters, strawberries and avocados can ramp up your sex drive.
2. Increase Sleep Source: Ray Kachatorian/Getty Images
If you are not getting enough sleep, your body can react in a number of negative ways. One of which can be a reduced sexual appetite. If you can squeeze in a nap or shut off the television before bed, you will notice a difference.
3. Make the Time Source: Getty Images
We get it, with a full-time job, kids, family obligations and so on, it can be tough after a long day of your normal routine for sex. Some of the busiest couples admit to scheduling time for intimacy. Make it a priority for you and your significant other. It’s not only healthy for your relationship, a consistent sex life can affect your overall health in positive ways.
4. Reduce Stress Source: Pinterest
If you are constantly feeling stressed, this could be a major factor affecting your sex drive. Both your mind and your body can be negatively affected by stress. Do whatever task that could reduce your stress levels. This could be exercising, meditating or even reading a book.
5. Alcohol Source: Shutterstock
Although it’s not the healthiest way to increase your libido, having just one glass of wine can give you a confidence boost in the bedroom and will allow your body to be more at ease. Having self confidence can directly affect your bedroom behavior. Be sure not to overdo it when it comes to consuming alcohol as it can also negatively affect what happens in the bedroom. For example, increased alcohol intake can increase erectile disfunction and can affect your ability to achieve an orgasm.
6. Check Your Meds & Consult a Physician Source: Thinkstock
Sometimes if you experience a drop in your sexual appetite it could be due to medical reasons. If your hormone levels are out of whack, this could be the culprit. Also, check the side effects of other medications you are currently taking. Some medicines used for treatment of anxiety, depression and blood pressure can lead to a decreased sex drive.