Face Mask Acne and How to Combat Those Pesky Zits



Source: Instagram via Machine Gun Kelly

While wearing a face mask helps combat the spread of COVID-19, they unfortunately can sometimes have a nasty side effect for the wearer – acne.

It has become such a problem a new word has been coined to describe the mask-induced pimples – “maskne”!

Shape reveals maskne is actually a type of acne called acne mechanica, which includes any skin issues due to pressure, friction, rubbing, squeezing, or stretching, like when a mask rubs against the skin. Add to that the warm, humid weather which causes sweat, oil and moisture to clog pores and it’s easy to see why maskne has become a problem.

According to Shape, there are certain measures we can take to help prevent maskne including washing the face regularly with a mild cleanser, applying facial moisturizer to repair the skin’s natural barrier, and ditching foundation and heavy makeup.

The type of face mask we wear can also help. Shape suggests opting for a soft, cotton mask and using a clean, dry mask each time you need to wear one. Your face mask should be washed after each use with hot water, laundry detergent and white vinegar, which has antibacterial and antifungal properties.