New Study Links Lack of Vitamin D with Dementia Risk



Source: Getty Images
A new study is highlighting a vitamin deficiency that may be linked to an increased risk of dementia.
According to The Express, a new study led by the University of Australia has found maintaining healthy levels of vitamin D can help protect the brain against cognitive decline as we age.
Scientists have found that low vitamin D levels were linked to lower brain volumes and an increased risk of dementia and stroke.
Researchers have found that the neuroprotective qualities found in vitamin D may help shield brain cells against cognitive damage.
“Vitamin D is a hormone precursor that is increasingly recognized for widespread effects including on brain health, but until now it has been very difficult to examine what would happen if we were able to prevent vitamin D deficiency,” Professor Elina Hyppönen said in a statement reported by The Express. “Our study is the first to examine the effect of very low levels of vitamin D on the risks of dementia and stroke using robust genetic analyses among a large population.”