Plus-Size Model Ashley Graham Gets Body Shamed for Losing Weight



Source: Instagram via@theashleygraham
Damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t! Plus-size model Ashley Graham is receiving heat for her appearance after posting a selfie on Wednesday, looking like she’s shed a few lbs. Cue the internet trolls.

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Her followers took to social media to put the model on blast, criticizing her for appearance. Fans claim that the “plus-size” model is too skinny to be known as “plus-size.” Some followers are calling it “discouraging,” another claiming, “fame has made ashley follow the herd and lose her voluptiousness. To me not a poster girl anymore for the fuller figure.”
The Sports Illustrated cover girl responded to the haters and internet trolls in an epic way. “People come on my page and body shame me because I’m too big, because I’m too small, because I’m not good enough for their standards…But at the end of the day I’m good enough for me. Angles will make anyone look bigger or smaller and I just happen to know mine.”
She also added this image to Snapchat with an inspirational message. Source: Snapchat