Elle Macpherson’s Secret to Ageless Skin



Source: Simon Buntin/Welleco
When it comes to looking eternally youthful Elle Macpherson has been blessed with some wonderful genes, but she also implements a trick or two to maintain her gorgeous good looks.
In an interview with Megyn Kelly and the Today show, the 54-year-old supermodel and entrepreneur shared her secrets, which include eating a plant based diet, abstaining from alcohol and doing yoga.
“I choose clean plants for the basis of my food, any kind of vegetables and fruit,” Elle told Today. “Raw is great, if not, then I lightly steam or roast it. I love seeds and nuts. I don’t eat meat and I don’t eat fish and chicken. It’s not a principle. It’s just that plants are what work for me. But if I go to a friend’s house, I’ll eat what they prepare.”
Elle also swears by coconut oil for keeping her teeth and gums healthy, revealing, “In the mornings I take a swig of organic coconut oil, swirl it in my mouth for two, or five minutes – sometimes ten minutes. That has done wonders for my teeth and gums.” Elle told Megyn that as we sleep our bodies detoxify during the night and so oil pulling in the morning helps us rid our body of those toxins.
Elle is also a big fan of dry body brushing, which helps exfoliate the skin and rids the body of toxins by stimulating circulation.
“I do dry body brushing,” the busy mom of two told Today. “I have a natural approach to beauty, in my experience, all my years, all the things I’ve tried, all the fancy creams, everything, I just find that for me the most natural approach to beauty is the best.”