Google Reveals Most-Googled Beauty Question for 2018



Source: Google

Google have released their top searches for 2018 – including their most-Googled beauty question.

According to Cosmopolitan, curious at-home cosmeticians turned to Google for answers on numerous beauty-related questions, including “how to do a cat eye,” “how to fix cakey makeup,” and “what concealer to use.”

However, the top most-Googled beauty question for 2019 went to magnetic lashes, primarily how to apply them.

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Magnetic false eyelashes are different from regular falsies, which adhere to your natural lash with adhesive glue. Magnetic eyelashes secure to the lash line and each other using tiny magnets – think of it as sandwiching your regular eyelashes between two strips of false lashes held together by magnets. Apparently magnetic eyelashes are much easier to apply – once you get the hang of it with the help of Google!