This is Reportedly the “Best Job in America”



Source: Google
With an annual salary of over $100,000, there is one job in particular that has topped the list of “Best Job in America.”
Not only does it come with a great salary, those working in the field experience the added bonus of job satisfaction.
According to MarketWatch, data scientists have topped the list of Glassdoor’s annual “Best Jobs in America” list for the fourth year in a row!
With a median base annual salary of $108,000 data scientists are in high demand and the growth shows no signs of slowing down.
Glassdoor looked at three different criteria to compile their list; earning potential, overall job satisfaction, and the number of job openings.
According to Glassdoor, here are their top 10 Best Jobs in America for 2019 together with median base salary for each profession:
1. Data Scientist – $108,000 2. Nursing Manager – $83,000 3. Marketing Manager – $82,000 4. Occupational Therapist – $74,000 5. Product Manager – $115,000 6. Devops Engineer – $106,000 7. Program Manager – $87,000 8. Data Engineer – $100,000 9. HR Manager – $85,000 10. Software Engineer – $104,000