The Pioneer Woman Reveals Her Favorite Celebrity Chefs



Source: The Pioneer Woman
Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond wasn’t always a celebrity chef with her own hit cooking show. In the days before she hit our TV screens whipping up delicious home-cooked meals for her rancher husband and gorgeous children, she was watching and learning from other Food Network stars just like us.
So when it comes to celebrity chefs, Drummond has a couple of favorites.
In an interview with TODAY, Drummond revealed she loves watching Barefoot Contessa chef Ina Garten.
“I’ve always been a big fan of Ina Garten,” Drummond said. “She has the same effect on me that probably she has on a lot of people. She just puts me at ease. As an early home cook, I learned a lot from her, too.”
Another chef Drummond loves is Bobby Flay, telling Today, “He kind of sets me at ease, too. I think I just like people that kind of calm me down.”
Drummond, in particular, loves the ideals both chefs have when it comes to cooking – food should be nourishing, delicious and most of all, fun!
“They just have the attitude that I tend to have when I cook,” Drummond told TODAY. “Just throw this in and throw that in and you don’t have to be so precise all the time. Just make it. Enjoy what you’re doing and love the people you’re making it for.”