The Benefits of Bee Pollen



Source: Shutterstock
There’s a buzz in the natural health industry – a natural supplement so powerful the German Board of Health actually recognizes it as a medicine.
Bee Pollen has been used in eastern medicine for centuries and western countries are taking note of its health benefits.
Bee pollen is plant pollen picked up by young honey bees who bring it back to the colony where it is used as a food source for the bees.
A rich source of vitamins, bee pollen contains 18 vitamins including fatty acids, essential amino acids, and B vitamins. It’s also a great source of protein.
Benefits of bee pollen include energy support, helping to alleviate menopause symptoms, stress relief, and relieves inflammation. Bee pollen is also an antioxidant – similar to resveratrol (found in wine) and flavanols (found in chocolate).
Although the jury is still out, many people swear bee pollen helps with seasonal allergies.
A word of caution though – if you are allergic to bee stings, or honey check with your doctor before taking bee pollen. Similarly, if you are pregnant or breast feeding you should avoid taking bee pollen until you have checked with your doctor.
Bee pollen can be taken in capsule form, or you can purchase raw bee pollen from a health food store to sprinkle over food.