Five Easy Ways to Boost Your Energy



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Feeling that midday slump? Unable to get through the day without downing multiple cups of coffee? According to TODAY there are multiple reasons why we lack energy throughout the day ranging from a restless night’s sleep to too much time spent in front of a computer screen.
Fortunately, there are five things we can incorporate into our daily lives to help us get that much-needed energy boost that doesn’t require loading up on caffeine and energy drinks.
Grab a Quick Protein Snack
According to TODAY we can help keep our energy levels up by eating small, frequent, protein-rich meals throughout the day, including snacks such as hard-boiled eggs, nuts, or an apple with organic nut butter.
Get Up and Move
Getting out of our chair and moving for 30-seconds can also increase energy, with TODAY reporting a 20 to 30-second cardio burst helps to increase heart rate and boost energy levels. TODAY recommends a short burst of jumping jacks or running in place for 30 seconds.
Practice Deep Breathing
Just 30 seconds of deep breathing can help ease stress, allow our minds to shut down, and increase energy. According to TODAY, taking time throughout the day to practice deep breathing exercises helps beat tiredness.
Have a Good Giggle
TODAY reveals finding something or talking to someone who helps us laugh and smile helps renew emotional energy, especially if you’re having a bad day. If that doesn’t work, TODAY recommends reminding ourselves of what is important in our lives.
Take a Supplement
According to TODAY, a lot of people are depleted in B-vitamins. Since it’s not a vitamin we get readily from food, taking a vitamin B complex can help increase energy.