Crocs Will Donate 10,000 Shoes a Day to Healthcare Workers



Source: Getty Images

Crocs, the foam shoe long deemed a favorite by nurses and medical staff in hospitals nationwide, is looking to take care of those fighting the coronavirus pandemic on the front line by giving away free Crocs!

According to Today, Crocs revealed the launch of a program which will give one pair of shoes to every health care worker on the front line.

The “A Free Pair for Healthcare” program lets doctors, nurses and other medical employees choose one free pair of Crocs Classic Clogs or Crocs at Work styles, Today reports. The shoes range in price from $39.99 to $59.99.

“Like everyone, we’ve been closely monitoring the news and working hard to map out a way to most effectively help where we can. Over the past week, we have spoken to health care workers, their facilities and even their family and friends, and they have specifically asked for our shoes in an effort to provide ease on their feet, as well as ease of mind as they need the ability to easily clean up before they go home to their families,” Andrew Rees, president and CEO of Crocs, said in a statement reported by Today.